Our work

ISR has a role wherever there is need for a thoughtful approach, reliability, attention to detail and hands-on input from experienced researchers. We bid for/accept commissions for entire projects, but ISR researchers also offer freelance services to other teams and organisations where our considerable experience means we are able to hit the ground running.

ISR associates include experts in qualitative and ethnographic research and specialists in survey sample design, questionnaire development and testing,  and survey and administrative data analysis. We carry out and promote the use of all kinds of evidence reviews. We have a strong background in social research and evaluation methodology, in training and building research capacity; and in conducting insight research to inform behaviour change programmes.

Policy areas include health and social care; transport; crime and policing; drugs and alcohol use and misuse; work and retirement; pensions and benefits; housing; education and training; equality and human rights; communication; international development; finance; inclusive design and usability.

We carry out research with members of the public, with front line staff and with those responsible for formulating strategy and policy. We have a lot of experience of conducting research with more vulnerable members of society including older and disabled people, young people who are not in work, education or training, and people in low paid jobs. We are specialists in research with people from Black and Asian communities.

We are active in the Social Research Association, the Market Research Society, AQRP and the Royal Statistical Society.